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HMS is a fuel, lubricants and services provider to the marine industry which includes vessels calling on the ports of Texas and offshore in the U.S. Gulf. HMS’ service offerings include bunkers supply, inland barge transportation; lube oil manufacturing, offshore lubricant transportation and supply, waste oil and slops recovery and waste water treatment.

Since 1977, HMS has supplied marine fuels, lubricants and services to shallow, medium and deep draft vessels, calling on these ports. HMS’ major customers and suppliers include most of the large international oil companies, barge and shipping lines. HMS’ primary marine terminal is strategically located on more than fifty acres at the midpoint of the Houston Ship Channel. The company also supplies bunker fuel from two ex-pipe bunker facilities in Texas City, Texas. HMS also owns and operates the trucks, tank barges and boats necessary to effect the efficient transportation and delivery of marine fuels and lubricants. HMS is a quality and safety focused provider of goods and services with qualified, experienced personnel, strategically positioned terminals and long-term relationships with customers and suppliers.

You can contact us at info@hmsfuels.com
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